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clare bowditch 


Music maker / Story Baker / educator

Clare Bowditch



About C.B.

music maker / story baker / EDUCATOR




"nothing short of inspirational. one of the Most discussed sessions  of the week"


Clare bowditch: speaker bio


Although COVID-19 prevents now prevents from travelling and teaching in-person at most events, it has allowed me the opportunity to adapt the way I deliver my keynotes, training and musical performances in a really powerful way.

As a Speaker, my job is to bring new hope, new perspectives, and new skills through story, high-energy, interactive-learning-modules (and sometimes, song). Although very different to writing songs or books, I absolutely love my work as a speaker. Teaching is a privilege I do not take for granted, and over the past ten years I've been honoured to work with organisations as brilliant and diverse as Atlassian, Brotherhood of St Laurence, the National Press Club of Australia, Wake Up, Allen & Unwin, Business Chicks (to name a few), and more schools, leadership events, 'Woman in Business' symposiums, real-estate agencies and City Councils than we have time to list. 

During Melbourne's COVID-19 'lockdowns' I've been invited to deliver dozens of events on just about every 'platform' known to human kind, working with  organisations such as;  University of Melbourne Medical Students, LaTrobe Women's Symposium, Red Cross, the D.H.H.S, City of Monash, Island Records, Marshall White Real Estate, Norwex, ABIA Awards, and dozens of schools who are themselves also in lockdown, and in need of support. In short, as a Speaker, I've been busier than ever, for which I'm very grateful (because let's be honest: as a formerly touring musician, I currently have some extra time on my hands. I'm making use of it while I can!). 

My goal is always the same: to delivery strength-based, skill-building trainings in the most intimate, entertaining, egnaging way possible,

If you'd like to discuss working with me for your workshop, conference or event, shoot man/manager Marty Brown an email (click here) and ask away. He is a pretty straight shooter: tell him what you're hoping to achieve in which budget and timeframe, and he'll be able to help you decide whether we're a good match. 

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Clare Bowditch is a musician, author, former broadcaster, and one of Australia's most highly-booked professional speakers, workshop leaders, and M.C.’s. 

As a speaker, her trainings and key-notes are strength-based, and absolutely entertaining.

Her areas of expertise are;

- 'Taming Your Inner Critic' (based on her best-selling Audible Original of the same-name). 
- 'Leadership with a Difference'
- Big Hearted Business. 
- 'From breakdown, to breakthrough' (stories and lessons from her award-winning memoir 'Your Own Kind of Girl')
(strength-based, practical training on the topic of modern mental health, and how to get the best from the brains we have). 

She is as confident leading intimate single-day online workshops with a dozen executives as she is leading an audience of 12,000 at the M.C.G. in a 'Mass sing-along’ (she knows how to harness our collective terror of group singing and turn it into a skill-building exercise the likes of which you may never have seen before).

In her work as a host, broadcaster and MC, Clare has interviewed and facilitated hundreds of events and conversations with the likes of authors Jeanette Winterson and Zoe Foster-Blake, singers Linda Rondstadt and Jackson Browne, both local and federal politicans (including former PM’s Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnball – not at the same time), famous sportspeople, astrophysicists, mental health experts, and remarkable people who may not have ‘famous names’ but who have equally fascinating stories to share.


danielle la Porte

"i've watched her make sold-out theatres of women and men cry, and then laugh hard, and then all sing...within minutes"

Clare and her compadre author Jamila Rizvi often M.C. events together - their skills perfectly compliment each other. For enquiries, please email Clare's team here. 

speaking topics

At present, Clare's most popular speaking topics are: 

1. 'Tame Your Inner Critic' - how to turn self doubt into self leadership. . Based on stories and lessons from best-selling Clare's memoir, 'Your Own Kind of Girl'. 

2. ‘If you can speak, you can sing’ - a truly unique live-taught masterclass in Courage and Self-Leadership (very fun: works for groups of both 5 and 5,000. Teaches audiences to challenge their limiting stories. Lots of air-pumping! Clare has been running these events for over fifteen years) 

3. Self Leadership - how to live “Your Amazing Life”, without changing your day-job)

4. Big Hearted Business (small business training, entrepreneurship, confidence, marketing with integrity, empathy as a business super-power) 

bowditch in action

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you. your power. your skills. your story. 


"We were looking for speaker who could energise an audience which was being challenged personally and professionally by the global pandemic. We got so much more than that. With her wisdom, empathy and good humour, Clare showed us how to find the power within to tackle these uncertain times. More importantly, Clare united our community of women, many of whom were struggling with self-doubt and isolation. As one of our members commented: “I really needed this to show there is a tribe out there caring and that I’m not alone.”
"Clare’s talk at Atlassian’s Design Week was nothing short of inspirational. Everyone could relate to the creative challenges she has faced and were touched by how open and vulnerable she was in sharing her story. Clare’s keynote was one of the most discussed sessions during the week." ATLASSIAN

"Clare was fabulous! She managed to lead the whole room in a rendition of 'happy birthday' for Malcolm Turnbull, much to his surprise. Please pass on our heartfelt and huge thanks to her. Yes... she was perfection. She really made the announcement come alive with her warmth, intelligent insights about music and radio, plus her ability to get the whole crowd engaged and excited"  DOUBLE J STATION LAUNCH, ABC RADIO.

"A huge success. The feedback extremely positive" DAREBIN MAYOR CR VINCE FONTANA

"Clare Bowditch has that deep magic that opens hearts. I've watched her made a sold-out theatre of women and men cry, and then laugh hard, and then all sing... within moments. Clare is the beautiful kind of power: pure love with one of a kind talent"

"What an amazing performance today - your performance was the only part of the day where the room was actually quiet! You could have heard a pin drop! Loved your warm approach and your challenge to the suits; who else could have got the whole room singing!! I think you really helped everyone connect with what Smiling Mind is all about. SMILING MIND They were all excellent, in particular Clare - thank you for your honesty". WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP AUSTRALIA (participant feedback)

“Clare is one of those effortlessly mesmeric communicators. Her rare blend of insight and charisma means that people cannot help but be thoroughly engaged when she speaks. It will be a rare audience member that leaves being anything other than charmed and enlightened.”– WALEED ALY

“When Clare speaks she brings everyone in the room with her. Clare injects this special kind of electricity into each and every audience member, making them feel bigger, bolder and braver” JAMILA RIZVI, Author.


Clare's unique gift for public speaking is based on her ability to wrap research and training in a warm cloak of humour and song and story, and as a result, she enjoys massive audience-buy-in, and excellent out-comes for her clients.

If you ask nicely, yes - she might even bring her guitar. 

clare's true
point of difference:
she's rather entertaininG
(as she talks about the 'hard stuff' - the stuff that forces us to grow.)

This is the song she often gets asked to sing (click to hear)