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Are You Ready Yet?


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Last year was significant for our most inimitable female singer songwriter, Clare Bowditch, who was crowned Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year 2010’ for her contribution to culture. She was also handpicked by the legendary Leonard Cohen to open shows on his Australian tour last November.

Now Clare is back with a brand new single ‘Now You’re Home’ featuring Lanie Lane, a Sydney songstress gaining popularity for her rockabilly swing-folk sounds. Not only have they written and recorded a stunning the duet, but Clare is also thrilled to be taking Lanie on the road for her Winter Secrets tour which will be weaving its way throughout all major capital cities and key regional areas this June and July.


1. Are You Ready Yet?
2. Ya Ya Ya Ya
3. The Most Beautiful Lies
4. I Won’t Let Them Talk To You
5. Between The Tea And The Toast
6. Miss You Like The Rain
7. Now You’re Home

Modern Day Addiction

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Release date: 13/8/2010
: Island Records Australia

Modern Day Addiction is not a product but a handcrafted, heartcrafted masterpiece. It’s a response to the issues we all face, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, influenza, status anxiety and pathological consumerism. Topics that could be thought of as worthy, earnest and dry, Clare Bowditch manages to sex up, rock out and wrap up in warmth and a human heartbeat and a cheeky, very grown up, irreverence.

Modern Day Addiction crackles with raw passion and wisdom with Bowditch both the scientist and the guinea pig. The message is yes; we are all flawed and broken. But we’re good enough, better than this and not alone. Experiencing the album, the listener feels immersed in clarity and embraced in Bowditch’s arms as she whispers truth and comfort. She helps us make our armour, and tells us we must wear ourselves. As the music soothes we are released with the knowledge that it’s not just us trying to get to a better place.

Track Listing

1. The Start Of War
3. Running
4. A Lucky Life
5. Prinz Willy
6. Your Own Kind of Girl
7. A E I O You
8. The Most Beautiful Lies
9. Break My Heart
10. Bigger Than The Money
11. A Little History (Homage To My Dad Two)
12. Stars


The Moon Looked On

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Track listing

  1. You Look So Good
  2. Peccadilloes
  3. Between the Tea and the Toast?
  4. I Am Not Allowed
  5. When The Lights Went Down (Video)
  6. Little Black Cave
  7. This Bastard Disease
  8. I Love The Way You Talk
  9. That Wouldn’t Be So Good?
  10. Your Other Hand
  11. You Can Stay The Night
  12. People Like Me, People Like You
  13. The Start of War

Special Editions

  • Campfire Limited Edition


    This is a very special, very limited edition release; a rare double CD (it’s so big it looks like a book), featuring the newly unleashed album as it is, and then a second CD with “Campfire Versions“ of exactly the same songs (just Clare and her guitar).


  • In short: Clare blossoms beautifully by the light of the moon.

    “ONE listen to this enchanting album and you come away feeling as if you’ve spent an hour in a flotation tank, such are its bewitching charms.

    Bowditch has nailed a formula to call her own a fusion of folk and pop with refreshingly honest lyrics, quirky moments throughout and songs that are modern, yet seem like old friends.

    From the sunny pop of naughty album opener You Look So Good, Bowditch proves she has the goods to let down her hair for sweet, melodic pop with bounce and then put a swagger in her step with the soulful blues Your Other Hand.

    But it’s when she’s introspective and heartfelt that she’s truly on top of her game.

    Strings hang off your heart in the tender Between the Tea and the Toast, you’d do anything for her love in Little Black Cave and the beautifully poetic Peccadilloes stays with you in a haunting way.

    Bang for your buck comes with a bonus campfire disc of alternate acoustic versions.”

    – Scott Podmore (Sunday Herald Sun)